5pc Basics Brush Set


$3.95 $29.00

Buffer Kabuki: Use for on the go powder touchups.\

Flocked Sponge: Designed for easy eyeshadow application. To use, press and swipe sponge along eyeshadow and pack on to the lid.


Pro Spoolie: Designed to brush and comb product throughout the brows as well as the eyelashes. Perfect for grooming unruly brows and declumping mascara.


Square Fluff Brush: Soft, square cut eyeshadow brush. This small brush can be used for makeup applications that require detailed work.


Angle Contour Eyeshadow: Densely packed, flat top angle eyeshadow blending brush. The angled cut of the brush fits easily into the outer crease of the lid, allowing for heavy product placement.


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5pc Basics Brush Set | Crown