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Private Label FAQ

Private Label FAQ

Private Label FAQ

I’m so excited to get started! Do you private label cosmetics/accessories too?

-Unfortunately no! At this time we are only offering private labeling for the select brush styles listed in our online private label catalog.

Are there minimums?

-Minimums for private labeling is 50 pieces per brush style/brush set style. So that means if you are ordering C158 and/or set 516, you will need to order at least 50 of each. [However you do not need to order in increments on 50, so you can order 51, 63, 88, etc. It just has to be the minimum or more.]

How do I know what brushes are available to private label?

-All current brushes available for private labeling can be found online at https:// . A brush profile is listed with each item, describing the bristle type and its uses. We do also offer private labeling for our Esthetics SkinCare brush line. Those brushes can be found here:

[Order minimums do apply to the Esthetics brush line.]

How long is your processing time?

-Typically the processing time for private label orders is 7-10 business days. Depending on the processing line, it can take less time to process and ship, however we cannot promise any deadlines earlier than the 7 days. Express shipping options are available for an additional fee, once your order is ready to ship.

Can I get samples?

-Of course! To place a sample order, pick out your brushes from the catalog and email your list in to [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, and billing/shipping information so that we can process your sample order quickly. You would initially pay for these samples, however the amount for the samples will be credited back to your first official private label order when you are ready.

Can I change the color of the brush handle/bristles?

-No; At this time we do not offer customization of the handles or bristles. The brushes that we have listed in our catalog will come as they are shown online.

Can I choose the ink color for my logo? What are my options?

-Yes! We do offer customized ink colors for your logo. We currently offer Silver, Gold, White, Light Pink, Teal, Red, Purple, Brown, or Black.

I have my logo ready…where can I send it for approval?

-Once you have your logo ready, you may email it in to [email protected] for approval. A digital mockup will be emailed to you once we have your logo. Logo requirements: Please make sure that your logo is a clean, high resolution file (PDF, or Ai files are best.)

Please also make sure that the logo you send is a flat black text/image, free of any special effects/drop shadows, example below:


What is your return policy?

-For private labeling brushes, once they are stamped with your logo, they are yours. We do not accept returns/exchanges on private labeled brushes, with the exception of brush damage/ defects. Please order sample brushes if you are unsure if they will work for you! Excessive bristle shedding, brush handle damage, or stamped logo defects are all acceptable reasons for brush replacement. Any/All brush defects must be reported within a week of delivery, and we are not responsible for brush damage due to improper storage after the brushes have been delivered.